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Getting Started

If you are ready to have your loan serviced through us, please fill out the corresponding forms, print them and email them to us at info@superiorloanservicing.com, or fax them to (818) 876-0337

Our Loan Servicing Process

Once investors contact us with a loan that needs to be serviced:
  1. We contact the Borrower and provide them with all the necessary information to make payments
  2. We offer Borrowers a wide range of payment options, from ACH (Direct Deposit), to checks, phone and online payments
  3. We provide ongoing customer service to the borrower so our Lenders can focus on their core activities
  4. Once we receive payment from the Borrower, we send the Lender the payment along with a monthly statement and other reports
  5. If requested, we can prepare and submit IRS forms, including 1098 "Mortgage Interest Statement"
  6. We originate, manage and keep all loan documentation, including statements, insurance documentation, etc.

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