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Lender 3rd Party Auth


    Lender Information


    Authorized Third Party/Parties Contact Information

    This lender Authorized Form will allow Superior Loan Servicing or its authorized representatives to share information about your account with third parties.

    This undersigned Lender(s), authorize superior Loan Servicing and its authorized representatives to release, furnish, provide, exchange, and request information related to my/our account to:

    Expiration of Authorization

    If applicable, please specify a period of time or the particular transaction for which the authorization is valid. If no expiration dat or operational transaction is provided, this authorization will remain valid until revoked in writing

    You may revoke this authorization at any time by proving written notice to Superior Loan Servicing

    I/We hereby indemnify and forever hold Superior loan Servicing harmless from any and all actions and causes of actions, suits, claims, attorney's fees, or demands against Superior Loan Servicing, which I/We and/or my/our heirs may have resulting from Superior Loan Servicing discussing, or declining to discuss, my/our account with the above named requester or person identifying himself/herself to be that requestor, or resulting from providing, or declining to provide, any documents or other information concerning the amount to the requester.