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Online Portal for Lenders

Superior Loan Servicing’s online portal is the centerpiece for information regarding your loans. The online portal is available 24/7 and will provide the most transparent view of all your loans. You’ll be able to see any upcoming payments to be deposited, past payments that you should have received, and all notices or letters we have sent out to you in the past and present.

Lender Online Portal Overview


Portfolio at a Glance


Upcoming & Past Payments


View & Download Statements


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Schedule Reports


Monitor Loan Life Cycle


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Past Loan Portfolio

Register for Lender Online Portal

1. Welcome Email

After you have submitted all the required forms, a lender account will be created.  Our Boarding Department will send out a welcome letter by email containing a registration code that is required to activate your online portal account.

We will also use the last four digits of your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (for institutions) to create a PIN that will allow you to confirm your lender account.

2. Create a New Account

Click on the ONLINE PORTAL LOGIN link on the header, and select “Create New Account beneath the User login box.

3. Enter Registration Code

Enter the registration code provided in the welcome letter. Provide the email address and choose a password for your account or you can select the links to log in with your Facebook or Google account. 

Click the “Create New Account” button and you will be sent an email to verify your account. Access to the online portal will not be granted until you have verified your email.

4. Accessing the Online Portal

Once you’ve verified your email by using the verification link, you will be signed in to your new account. As soon as you sign in, your dashboard will ask if you would like to “Add Account”.  Enter the lender number that was provided for you in the welcome letter, and enter your PIN.

5. Viewing Your Account

Your portal account will load and all the information you need will be right in front of you! If you ever need assistance with the portal or would like to get an overview of its features, please contact our office and select the “Portal Assistance” prompt, where you will be connected with a portal specialist to help answer all your questions.

Need Additional Help?

Our live Customer Service Team is here to help, call us at 818-483-0027. Search our FAQs for answers to common questions.