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Same Day Payment

We are excited to share with you the latest feature available on the online portal. The “Same Day Payment” feature will allow you to make a digital check payment online immediately to avoid a late fee charge. Currently the earliest you can make a payment is by using the one-time ACH payment, which does not get processed until the next business day. “Same Day Payments” must be received by 5PM (PT) on each business day (excludes holidays).

There is a $30 fee, which will be added to the digital check payment, for using the service.

How to Use the Same Day Payment Feature

1. Access the Online Portal

Borrower needs to log on to the online portal, and select “Make Payment or Set Up Auto Payments”. They then need to choose “Make a Same Day Payment” on the ACH payment page.

2. Fill In Required Payment Information

Borrower fills in all required payment information (marked by an asterisk). Then select the “Preview” button.

3. Review and Submit the Digital Check

After filling out all the information, the borrower will be presented with a digital check made out for the amount they choose plus an additional $30 fee. The borrower will then be prompted for their signature. They will be able to sign the digital check by using their mouse. Once approved, please click on the “Submit” button.

“Same Day Payments” must be submitted by 5PM (PT) on each business day.

* Same day payment requests must be made no later than 5pm PST on the date of the request and any payment failure due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) will cause Customer to incur an NSF fee of $45.00 per occurrence. Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts the provisions and charges delineated above and agrees to hold Superior Loan Servicing harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of defense thereof, arising from Customer’s utilization of the same day payment request option via the online portal. Additionally, Customer holds Superior Loan Servicing harmless for any additional charges incurred by Customer, both internally by way of the online portal and externally as it relates to any third-party institutions, associated with a failed payment due to non-sufficient funds

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