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Our Success is driven by our commitment to people and process

Our leadership team is comprised of industry leaders and experts, with decades of experience from the private lending, mortgage, finance, and real estate industries.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Barry Harari

President / CEO

An avid real estate investor in the trust deed industry for over 24 years, experiencing many trends and cycles in that span. He founded Superior Loan Servicing in 2009 as a response to an industry hungry for a more effective loan servicer. A licensed real estate broker with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge.

Scott Hacker

Executive Vice-President / COO

Over 22 years of experience in real estate including loan/funding servicing, foreclosure, unlawful detainer, construction loan financing, and REO management. Scott brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure the daily operations of the business run smoothly.

Scott Evans

Sr. Vice-President / Director of Servicing

Prior to joining SLS, Scott held the position of the acting Senior Portfolio Relationship Manager with Fannie Mae, representing the largest servicing relationships for the GSE. His 40+ years of experience in mortgage servicing, origination, secondary and capital markets expertise is a valuable addition to the SLS organization. His impeccable record of accuracy, integrity, and customer service helps our teams achieve a high level of standard and professionalism..

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